Welcome to Language Lab

Language Lab is part of a three year AHRC-funded PhD research project at Northumbria University by artist Marianne Wilde in collaboration with the TREAT-NMD network. The research is focused around the metaphorical language used by researchers, clinicians and patients when explaining the complexity of genetic diseases. During the project we hope to collect and create an archive of metaphors and analogies that are used across the TREAT-NMD network to describe/explain/diagnose neuromuscular disorders. We will also be creating new art works for exhibition and running Metaphor Creation workshops…

By identifying gaps in communication between the network stakeholders of TREAT-NMD and studying how linguistic, visual and artefactual metaphors impact on the construction of technical explanations within this network it is hoped that we can come closer to answering how we can make a ‘thing’ that we cannot see into something that we can say? Or, conversely, how can we make a ‘thing’ that we cannot say into something that we can see?

To contribute to the project with your metaphor/analogy/language example please click on the Language Collection Page.